Hu Fusheng

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Doctor in management,associate researcher.

Research field: Tourist policy & development strategy, Tourism finance

Education background: 1996-2000, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economy, major in currency banking, bachelor’s degree in economics.
2000-2003, Guangxi Normal University, major in the national economics, master’s degree in economics.
2006-2009, Zhejiang University, major in tourism management, doctor’s degree in management.

Work experience: 2003-2005, Guilin Travel Co., Ltd.

Main research achievements : He has participated in 30 research subjects of the tourism, and published over 10 academic articles and 1 personal work related to tourism.

Main academic monographs: the effect of the tourism destination image to intention to recommend and willingness to pay more of tourists:an example of Hangzhou(2010)

Main academic theses: Thoughts on establishing tourism price regulation fund system(2012)
The research on the problem and suggestion of investment Statistics of tourism (2010)
Research Overview of Attraction Theory of Tourism Overseas(2008)
Exploration in the Scope of the Tourism Industry Based on the Six Elements of Tourism(2007)

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