Yang Liqiong

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Doctor in Ethnology, associate researcher.

Research field: Research on tourism impact, international tourism and. Ethnic Culture

Education background: 2000-2003, Master of Literature, Graduate School, Minzu University of China.
2006-2009,Doctor of Ethnology, School of Institute of Ethnology and Sociology, Minzu University of China.

Work experience: 1993-2003, Wuding government of Yunnan Province, civil servant
2003-2011, Faculty of Ecotourism, Southwest Forestry University, associate Professor.
2009-2011, Institute of Finance and Trade Economics (IFTE), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), China In University of China , post-doctor

Main research achievements: She has hosted 2 projects at the provincial and ministerial level, participated in as backbone member 2 projects in western China of National Social Science Foundation and 2 regional projects of National Natural Science Foundation, participated in over 10 national, provincial, municipal and key scenic spot planning and research projects and published over 10 academic theses in relevant fields.

Main academic thesis: The impact of tourism development on the changes in family status of women a case study on the Sani people , Bai people and Mo Suo people (2011)
Event tourism from the view of the Intangible Cultural Heritage: A study of the Yi people torch festival(2011)
On the development of tourism industry in Xishuangbanna, under the Background of China-ASEAN Cooperation(2010)

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