Song Ziqian

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Doctor in economics, researcher.

Research field: tourism development policy and tourism industry economy.

Education background: 1997, bachelor’s degree in economics in Huaqiao University.
2002, Master’s degree in management in Huaqiao University.
2005, doctor’s degree in economics of the Graduate School of China Academy of Social Sciences.

Work experience: 2005-2008, College of Tourism, Beijing Joint University, member of the editorial board and editor of Tourism Journal.
2006-2008, College of Environment of Peking University, post-doctor.
2008.10-present , successively as a research assistant , associate research fellow ,head of policy department and deputy director in China Tourism Academy.

Main research achievements : He has published over 70 academic theses in the "People's Daily", "Tourism Tribune", etc. The authoritative publications reprinted those theses for many times, such as "Tourism Management", "Xinhua Digest". He served as an executive editor of "Blue Book of China's Tourism Economy" and "China Tourism Review" and an executive headman of dozens of projects appointed by China National Tourism Administration, the Central Ministries Local Government Departments and Commercial Institutions. He has participated in the research and draft work about "The Twelfth Five-year Plan for China Tourism Industry" and "The Outline for National Tourism and leisure "as a key staff.

Main academic monograph: Introduction to the Tourism Science(2008)
Economic Analysis of the Travel Agency(2008)
Tourism Development and Public Administration(2008)
Project Planning of Scenic Areas(2007)

Others: Member of Steering Committee of Postgraduate Cultivation and Supervisor of Master Student in College of Tourism of Huaqiao University
Member of Advisory Committee of Big Events in Nagqu Prefecture of Tibet
Contract Research Fellow of the Tourism Research Center in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
Winning Excellent Tourism Academy Achievement Award of National Tourism Administration in 2011
Winning Excellent Tourism Academy Achievement Award of National Tourism Administration in 2012
Winning the Annual Top Ten Theses of Tourism Tribune in 2010

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