Wu Pu

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Doctor in geography, associate researcher.

Research field: Tourism risks, tourism planning and management.

Education background: 1998-2002, College of national territory resources and tourism of Anhui Normal University, major in geographical education, bachelor’s degree.
2002-2008, Research Institute of Geographical Science and Resources of China Academy of Sciences, global changes, tourism risks, tourism planning and management, master and doctor’s degree.

Work experience: 2007-2008, on secondment to the planning office of planning development and finance division of National Tourism Bureau.

Main research achievements : He has hosted 1 project of National Natural Science Foundation and 1 key project of CNTA, participated in over 30 projects of CNTA, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Civil Administration and the National Natural Science Foundation as well as more than 20 projects on tourism planning at the national, provincial and municipal level, published 1 monograph and over 30 academic research theses in the relative fields in Journal of geographic science, Acta Geographica Sinica and other core journals, and written one book as co-author.

Main academic theses : An Estimation of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emissions in Tourism Sector of China(2011)
Impacts of climate factors on tourism demand for coastal destinations: a case study on Hai'nan province(2010)
Research on the Formation and Development Mechanism of Movie and Television Related Tourism—By Taking Family Qiao’s Courtyard in Shanxi as an Example(2007)

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