WU Fenglin

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Doctor in geography,assistant researcher

Research field: Regional Tourism Planning and Development.

Education background: 2000-2004, Shenyang Jianzhu University, School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Major in urban ecological planning and design, bachelor’s degree.
2004-2007, Research Center of Wetland,Northeast Institute of Geography and Agricultural Ecology,Chinese Academy of Science. Major in landscape ecological planning of urban wetland, master’s degree.
2007-2010, Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Major in regional and urban planning, doctor’s degree.

Main research achievements: He has participated in over 10 projects including the projects of the 973 Program, supporting more than 10 scientific & technological projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan Period”, projects of National Natural Science Foundation and knowledge innovation projects of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and hosted and participated in over 20 projects concerning regional or city planning and tourism planning; published nearly 20 English and Chinese academic theses in core journals. He has won the “Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award” granted by Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS and the subsidy granted by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission for soft-science research projects.

Main academic thesis: The Coordination Mechanism and the Basic Route of Regional Economic Disparity under the Influence of Tourism(2013)
The Influence Mechanism of tourism on regional economic difference(2013)
Urban Orientation and Strategic Planning Based on Leverage Principle——A Case Study of Nanjing(2011)
PAF Model of Study on Urban Industry Agglomeration Dynamic Mechanism and Patterns (2010)
The Review and Research Approach of Urban Industrial Agglomeration Dynamic Mechanism and Patterns (2010)The Suitability Evaluation of Urban and Rural Population and Settlements Spatial Allocation after Wenchuan Earthquake in China(2010)Development of Wind Resources and Large-Scale off-Grid Wind Power Industry in the Bohai Rim Region (2008)Approach on Ecological Planning of Urban Wetland Landscape Based on Changes of Landscape Patterns (2007)

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