Ma Yiliang

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Doctor in economics, assistant researcher.

Research field: Tourism economy, tourism satellite account.

Education background: 1999-2003, Henan University of Industry, Department of Business Administration, major in logistics management, bachelor’s degree.
2003-2006, Beijing Jiaotong University, College of Transportation, major in transportation planning and management, master’s degree.
2006-2009, Renmin University of China, College of Economy, major in civil economics, doctor’s degree.

Work experience: March-Sep., 2005, Research Institute of Railway Science, researcher.

Main research achievements: He has hosted or participated in over 40 academic researches or projects of the relative fields at the national, provincial and city levels, and published over 10 academic papers in the relative fields.

Main academic theses: Further Understanding the Input and Output Multiplier (2007)
Analysis of the Relevance Level Recognition of the National Economy Industries (2007)
Modeling of Industry Relevance and Level Recognition Based on the Combination of Input and Output with ISM (2007)
Research on the Side Effects of the Substantial Rise in Housing Price—Based on the Empirical Analysis in Beijing in Recent Years (2007)
Exploration in the Difficulty in Achieving the Dual Goals of Economic Growth and Energy Saving and Consumption Reducing (2008)

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